Religious Education


2016-2017 School Year

Welcome to Religious Education at Our Lady of Mount Carmel!  This year we are offering two options for catechesis:

Catechesis Options

OLMC 1st-10th Grade Catechesis Registration Form-2016-2017:  For EITHER option above, please complete and return the attached form by August 22nd or ASAP. If you are choosing “Option 2” please remit the attached form with your check payable to “OLMC” by August 22nd (or ASAP).   

If you are not already a registered parishioner, for EITHER option above, you will be required to complete an  OLMC Parish Registration Form This is a separate form from the OLMC 1st-10th Grade Catechesis Registration Form.  If this form is not already attached, one can be obtained in the parish office, at, or one can be mailed/emailed to you.

5th-8th Graders: Parents have the option of allowing their 5th to 8th grade child to leave the classroom, upon class dismissal time (without waiting for a parent to come to the classroom).  Please indicate on the form—in the “Special Info” section–whether or not you give this permission.  If you select “No”, then your child will remain in the classroom with his/her catechist until a parent comes. (9th and 10th Graders are allowed to leave the classroom upon dismissal, unless a parent specifies otherwise.)

New Child:  For any child entering catechesis for the first time, please provide a baptismal certificate.  If your child was baptized at OLMC, only the date of birth and date of baptism will be required.

Confirmation:  Families with 9th and 10th graders will please use the  OLMC 1st-10th Grade Catechesis Registration Form-2016-2017 (The same form will be used for all grades: 1st – 10th.)

Volunteering:  If you are interested in volunteering–as a Catechist, Classroom Aide, Substitute, or in any other way–please contact Cheryl using the contact information below.

God bless you!

Cheryl Wallace

Director of Religious Education and Family Faith

Email: , Phone: 973-334-1017, ext. 9

910 Birch Street, Boonton, NJ 07005


OLMC 1st-10th Grade Catechesis Registration LETTER 2016_2017

OLMC 1st-10th Grade Catechesis Registration FORM-2016-2017


OLMC Religious Education SCHEDULE for 2016-2017 (Option 2 only)

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