Attention, moms and dads of OLMC!

Do you have a passion for volunteerism? Are you committed to the youth of our parish? Please consider helping out as an adult volunteer! We need you to provide general adult supervision, lead small group discussions, and be available to help (in general) at youth group events and at Confirmation classes.

Need convincing? Check out these witness statements…

On youth group:

“The kids in youth group are inspiring. In all honesty. Mondays are a tough day. There are times I am so tired after working all day, and I have tons on my “to do list”, that the last thing I want to do is go to youth group. HOWEVER, when I do go I am always so immensely glad that I did. The kids give me hope and renew my faith. […] I see God’s abundant love present at every youth group meeting, with the way these kids interact with one another and share their love of their religion.”

–Mary Shortall

“After volunteering at our youth group  this past  year, it did not take very long to realize that our  children  need our love and support in any form we can provide.  The youth group is just that avenue where that little time each week can help them express their issues and feelings in a safe environment while enjoying activities that promote a much needed connection to our faith. I believe all parishioners should consider spending some time with our youth group. There is so much that we can learn from them..”

–Maria Navarro

On the Confirmation program:

“It’s a good refresher of my Catholic faith, and a way to stay connected with my son.”

–Mary Shortall

Parents, you are such an important part of this process… You are the first and primary teachers of the faith. We need you! Please let us know by email or leaving a reply on this page. 🙂

Current volunteers:

[ Click here to view this month’s SignUpGenius ]

[ Protecting God’s Children ]

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