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Greetings, one and all! Welcome to the new WordPress blog for all things OLMC youth in Boonton, NJ. This includes the youth group for middle and high schoolers, the Confirmation program for high schoolers, and the not-yet-existent young adult ministry.

Look at the “Home” page to find a news feed on service opportunities (open to all), special youth group events, notices about Confirmation class, Family Faith sessions, and other important announcements.

Look at the “Resources” page for fun stuff like music, movies, books, articles, links, and other Catholic Christian things I find or that other people recommend to me.

To contact me or any other leader/facilitator, see the “About Us” section.

(Looking for adult RCIA? Click here!)

(Looking for CCD and religious ed., grades K-8? Click here!)

If you are a youth group parent or member, be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

If you are a Confirmation candidate or the parent of one, be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

If you would like to submit some content to this site, please send it my way! I’ll review it and put it up, to your credit. 🙂

Thank you all so much.

In His Peace,


From Father Tom Fallone on OLMCBoonton.org…

We are a Roman Catholic Community founded in Jesus Christ and centered in the Real Presence of the Eucharist. Called to ‘sanctify the world,’ we implore the patronage and protection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to proclaim Christian life through spreading the Good News of the Gospel and loving the poor and needy in our neighbor.

[ Click here to see the video tour ]

[ Click here to read our parish history ]

One thought on “About Us

  1. Wow! I can’t wait to peruse this blog in detail.


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