Photography as a Contemplative Practice

Last week, the activity was…

Take a picture of at least three things…

1. Something you find beautiful

2. Something you find interesting or unusual

3. Your favorite stained glass window upstairs, OR your favorite saint picture in Gordon Hall

These were the results! Our youth group members have some awesome and artistic minds. (And interesting)🙂

January Year 1 Confirmation Retreat!

Hey everybody!  I’m sorry I fell a bit out of practice with this blog! What a busy few months it’s been…

This is super belated, but I wanted to share some of the awesome pictures taken at January’s Confirmation retreat with our 9th grade students. Looking back, I remember what a beautiful and holy day this was. And of COURSE fun🙂

Small Bump

Good afternoon, one and all!

Thursday, January 22nd is the annual March for Life, a pro-life demonstration in Washington, D.C. What a great opportunity to pray for peace and justice in our world… Praying for the protection of the family, the concern for all human dignity, and the recognition of just how beautiful life is.

Here’s an awesome pro-life song from Ed Sheeran to help think about it! It’s called “Small Bump” – have you heard it yet?

Service Opportunity in Bayonne

I haven’t posted here in a little while! That’s about to change; I’ll have plenty of news and things to share with you.

For now, I promised my friend Annabelle that I would spread the word about a clean-up she has put together… Which is another great chance for you to earn service hours or do some community service for the pure desire of it!

Please see the attached flyer for details. It’s on Saturday, January 17, which means that none of the 9th grade Confirmation students or I can go😦  But for others of you out there– if you feel like doing some volunteer work outdoors and can make it to (the not-so-local, but not-too-far-either) Bayonne, we could certainly use the extra help in cleaning up the shoreline at Thomas Didomencio Park!

Remember: If you have service opportunities with your school, club, or team, please send them my way for review and I will broadcast it as best as I’m able!

BNC Clean-Up Flyer Final (1)

Preparing for Christmas at OLMC!

There are two fun opportunities to help us, here at OLMC, in preparing for Christmas..🙂

Gift Wrapping Stations on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday next week

Come help us wrap the gifts for the Giving Tree! On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll meet after school at 3:00 to 6:00pm. On Saturday, this is happening in the morning from 9:00am to 12:00 noon.

Christmas Poinsettias on Sunday, December 21st at 1:00pm

We need help carrying the flowers from the truck and setting them up in the church! If you’re interested and available for this service opportunity, please confirm your attendance to Mrs. Mary Ellen Theel at

Getting In the Advent Spirit!

Father Tom said it best in this weekend’s Blast from the Past(or):

Happy Advent! This is the season in which the Church calls us to watchfulness, expectation and a forward-looking preparation for the coming of the Child born of the Virgin. Yet we are presented in this cycle with the Gospel of Mark. A former professor always called Mark the ‘Gospel of the present tense.’ For Mark and his community emphasized the call not only to preparation but to conversion. Whoa, even in Advent? That’s right, even in Advent, this Gospel calls us to accept the Kingdom of God and the living message of the Cross here and now. As we begin this wonderful season, we remember that Jesus is very much alive. He is Crucified, Risen and Present. And He will come again. We are called to be watchful! Be alert! But we cannot simply force the issue. If you’ve ever pulled an ‘all-nighter’ to cram for an exam (I confess to this, to horrible results. When a professor writes really? on your paper, you know it’s not good), we might not perform so well on the test. Or if you’ve ever tried to keep yourself awake while driving, you know your eyes only grow heavier. The result could be disastrous. You know you have to pull over and rest. Bad things can happen when we try to force the issue. Instead, with Mary let us be more willing and less willful. Let us embrace true Advent watchfulness by saying, be it done unto me according to Thy Word.

Did you know that Advent is often referred to as “the Little Lent?” In the midst of all the fun and festivities, I often actually forget that Advent shares many, if not all, the same characteristics as Lent… simplicity, silence, repentance, waiting, and conversion. During the first week we remember HOPE; the second, LOVE; the third, JOY; and the fourth, PEACE.

To help spend Advent in the most prayerful way possible this year, I made a calendar of ideas for every day of the season! These are just some suggestions of ways to get in the spirit of Advent here at OLMC!

Advent Spiritual Exercises Calendar 2014

A few other things to look at…

10 Things You Need to Know About Advent (An NC Register article written last year; still relevant)

Novena with Our Lady of the New Advent (begins on December 17)

Advent Companion from

XT3 Advent Calendar 2014

Advent 1: Clearing the Cluttered Heart

… And then there’s the WHOLE WORD of Pinterest and Advent, which is too much to get into here..!

Have a hopeful, loving, joyful, peaceful season!🙂

♫ Be Part of the Liturgy!

Hey everyone! Remember when I asked you all if you had musical talents (or musical willingness, anyway) and wanted to help out the ministry of Praise Mass?

Well, here are some GREAT ways to aid all liturgical happenings here at OLMC…

  1. Freshmen and up can join ♫ ADULT CHOIR ♫
  2. If you are younger, join ♫ CHILDREN’S CHOIR ♫
  3. Anyone who’s been confirmed can become a lector or a Eucharistic minister!

Interested? E-mail Mrs. Mary Ellen Theel for more information!🙂


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